Hello! I’m so glad you’re here and want to learn about Infiniti.

My name is Jenny Willingham, and I am the owner and operator. My greatest joy as a freelance graphic designer is that no project, client or day is the same. I take great pride in my career and am anxious to help create marketing materials that promote you or your business. The truth is, you’re really great and other people need to see that too.

When I started offering graphic design services in 2010, naming my business seemed like a challenging task. After much thought and consideration, the decision was made that the name”Infiniti” was key to our success. The word infinit(y) means endless, boundless and unlimited. Design possibilities are limitless…. just like changing a “y” to an “i” because it looks better!

I hope you hang around for awhile and peek at my portfolio. Hopefully, you find that I’m the right fit for your next adventure.